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AI driven anchor texts

AI driven SEO enhancement

Boost Domain Authority

Full Site SEO benefits

Top keywords SEO for Top URLs

SEO Surge by usage of Search Journey Algo

The modern SEO is based on the search journey of the user moving into the navigational journey on the website. The navigational journey can only be relevant, with the availability of most relevant content, in terms of suggestions. This can only be done with machine learning, for bigger sites as the number of articles is very large. In addition to machine learning, there has to be editorial intelligence to give the final confirmation to machine learning. This in turn adds to new learning to machine learning algos, and the traffic impact, the ranking impact adds to the precision of the AI associated with the solution.

SEO juice accumulated with better CTRs, lower bounce rates and higher session duration

The relevancy of anchor texts creates massive SEO juice

The Search Journey algo juice is added for the respective website, thus adding to the domain authority of the site

Overall better ranking and higher traffic is expected

Easy Integration into CMS

The Makeinaaj widget integrates into any CMS in for of an HTML widget. This is a search widget, wherein editors can search for the topic they are writing story. The anchor texts options will be shown on the fly to editors, created by machine learning algos. The Editors can add relevant “anchor texts” to the articles.

Easy to use for Editors

Best case use of AI + Human intelligence

High impact on SEO

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Use the power of Machine learning to boost your domain and top urls SEO

Makeinaaj boosts the most logical and relevant navigation for stories on the site, this adds to the domain authority of the site and adds to ranking for top keywords, and clearly increase SEO traffic for top urls

  • Increase Domain Authority
  • Get more SEO traffic
  • AI powered solution
  • Full training for the Edit teams
increase in Organic traffic for top urls
articles can be optimized
integration in any CMS